Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Google update

Google has again updated their system. Some bloggers were given page rank but some did lost there page ranks. As for me, my new blog gain a PR1 from N/A and my other blog which has a PR2 now had a PR3 but this blog has a free domain. My oldest blog which has a PR2 has a PR0 now and nothing for My Journey blog it remains PR0. Having lost a PR of your own domain is a big slap in my blogging journey. I used to grab many opps per day but it changes when google take away my PR.

But blogging has to go on, blogging has its ups and downs too. I guess I just need to accept of loosing my PR’s. I will just wait for another update and wish that google will give back my lost PR.

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imelda said...

Congrats for the blogs with PR for the rest that are without, soon it will come.

I just hope my PR will stay longer.