Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy weekend

Yay, I should be posting this post the other day pa but I was hit by the laziness syndrome my brain is stuck that I can not think of a good topic. silly me huh? However I am always sitting in front of my pc doing the ec round. I can say that I am hooked with this entrecard thingy. I haven't reach the 300 minimum drop of the day on any of my 3 blogs that is listed in entrecard I hope i will later today. Upps.. before I forget, I am sure some of my blogger friend and visitors would love my new layout. No doubt cos I fall in love with it when i first saw it. And I will give the credit to Tchel although I choice the kit that is used in header still I salute this girl. How I wish I can do like this in the future. Huh, i am not loosing hope boy cos I know someday I well. hahahaha.. If anyone here would like to have a customized layout you can contact Tchel by clicking the link above. Happy weekend to every one!!!!!

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twinks said...

Thanks sis for this post.
Don't worry you'll get there.
You'll learn how to design as long as may tiyaga and determination ka lang and with the right tools :]
Kaya mo yan ikaw pa! :]