Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday rants and musing

I apologize to all my entrecard dropper for this blog that I am not able to return the drop everyday. As much as I want to return the favor but my pc won’t allow me to do so. I do hope, next week everything is back to normal. I will be replacing my power supply next week or tomorrow. By then I promise to visit who patiently drop my entrecard widget for this blog.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. As for me I haven’t plan anything for this weekend. The weather is good it was windy this morning only to find out that we are in signal number. Strange cos the sun is out but too windy.

Side note: while ec dropping my pc suddenly shut down. Not once but twice in less than 30 minutes. And now entre card is too slow that I decided to logout and sign-in back again but asd to say I can not sign-in back again. So I think entrecard is having there weekly maintenance or whatever. lol

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twinks said...

Its okay sis, we all have our blogging ups and downs sometimes.
Have a great weekend :]
Btw, got an award for you in my blog and pls do vote for me.. the poll is in my site.. mwahugs!

Mariuca said...

Hi Rose, thanks for advertising at Mariuca's blog today! :)

Jackie said...

No problems here with me about drops.

First I was away from my blog about 5 months and didn't get any drops done.

And now I have been having connection speed time and not able to do all my drops either.

Everyone has been really nice about it!!

have a good week:-)))