Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I can't login to my account myspace graphic comments
Yay, I not know what is wrong with entre card i have been trying to access my entre card account but i can not log in. I already contacted entre card with this matter and i hope i will have a solution with this problem. Did anyone here encounter the same problem? I will appreciate any comments here. To all my entre card dropper i am sorry if i can't visit your site today i promise to make it up as soon as i can access my account.

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hello there, please try clearing your cookies and cache sites. that will help you. thanks for dropping at my place.

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imelda said...

i am sorry with this inconvenience. ako liwat with blogsvertise, i can';t log in. have contacted them already but no reply as of now, yet.

Anonymous said...

Try to clear your cookies and cache sites, I am having the same problem and this solve my problem :D


The Fitness Diva said...

Entrecard was going absolutely BONKERS yesterday. I think they finally got it all straightened out.
I couldn't log in, then I couldn't check stats or buy ads. It was a mess!