Friday, September 19, 2008

Not so good week

Whoot, Its Friday once again and I can say that this week is not really good for me.My lalabs is in vacation and I’m missing him so much. Chatting is quite hard for us especially that we are used to chat three times a day. Now, out longest chat is 30 minutes and it was yesterday hopefully we can chat longer later today. I still need to wait until Tuesday, he will be backing home then and its back to normal I believe. Everybody is getting sick, at first it was me who got sick. I have a bad cough, headache, colds and feverish. And few more days my son is got sick and I believe he got the virus from me. I pity my son because he lost some weight he barely asks for his milk and he always vomit whenever he ate. Thanks God he is getting better now although his appetite is not back yet. My mother is complaining about her head and she is discharging yellow stuff for a week now. I will bring her to specialist next week for check up. Hopefully all is well Paid review is too slow this week, I hope everything will get back soon as I need some extra bucks this time. How about you? How’s your week so far?

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twinks said...

Oh my sis, kawawa naman is your lil boy. It is very hard talaga when your kid is sick, kung pwede lang tayo na lang ang magkasakit not them. I'm thankful that my Fabia didn't get the virus, she's more active than us. hehehe..
My week was okay, I'm still recovering from my sickness but is getting better now.
Hope you'll feel better soon. Don't worry you'll get to chat with your lalabs soon..

Have a blessed weekend :] tc