Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cute blogger award

Tin-tin of Surprisingly Beautiful pass on this Cute Blogger award to me. A big thanks to you sis for sharing this award to me.

Here are the rules:
- Each blogger must post these rules. - Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
- Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves.
- You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and also to read your blog.
Here's my share of random facts:
  • I am attached to my boyfriend for two years and 9 months and 18 days. Lol… now you have an idea when is our 3rd year anniversary. LDR or Long Distance Relationship is not easy, Lainy can attest to that.
  • I am eye-ing an earring and ring for this Christmas. Yesterday I found a set of earring and ring it’s really nice and it fits my finger. But unluckily my budget doesn’t fit for the price. Hopefully my bf can read this
  • I have asthma. I had my first and worse attack few months ago. Huh, girl it seems that we have something in common. grin…my mother told me it is because of the dust. Some guys are putting finishing touches in our wall that time.
  • I have allergy. I sometimes have this colds that stay in an hour that makes me sneeze too much.
  • I gained more than 10 kilos in three years, and i am still gaining that is why i am now serious on loosing unwanted kilos in my body by walking everyday.
  • A spoiler. I sometimes buy clothes for my nieces and nephew when I have extra money. I just love buying and checking those cutie clothes for my nieces.
  • Soft hearted. You will see me crying while watching drama movie or show. I pity old people in the street.
  • When I am mad i keep my mouth shut.
  • I have a collection of local romance pocket book
  • Blog addict
I am now passing this tag to Lainy, Ivy, Jhelea, Addisan, Imelda, Fe, Nova, Lynn, Umma and Rechie

5 shared thoughts:

Lynn said...

so cute indeed! lol. thanks a lot for this, sis. will grab this later. mwah!

AiDiSan said...

Hello Sis,

Thanks for this award, greatly appreciated. I edited my post about this so I could include your name as one of the giver of this cute blog award.

Thanks again. Hope you have a great day:)

Prettymom said...

@ Aidisan
thanks sis i will visit your blog later


hi lynn thanks for grabbing the tag

Lynn said...

Hello Sis!

Grab ko na ang award pero break ko muna ang rules this time ha. Nakagawa na kasi ako niyang random facts eh. Hope okay lang. Thanks again! Take care. Mwah!

Nova said... i know more things about you...hehehe. this is really pretty cutie.... ako rin auntie Rosey..hahahha...

thanks dear, grabbed this and will post it later... thanks again.. *hugs*