Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is there sexiness in my name?

Hello peeps..good morning or goodnight to the blogger from out side the Philippines. How's your week going on? As of me I start my day doing my online tasks and at the same time listening Christmas songs online. To relax my mind in doing my online assignment I opt to visit blogthings site again and this time i checked if there is sexiness in my name. And the result?

What's Sexy About Your Name
You are sexy because you are smart. People know that there is more to you than meets the eye. You are alluring and mysterious. While many people are intrigued by you, the feeling isn't mutual. It takes a lot for someone to turn you on. First and foremost, you're only attracted to someone who's incredibly brilliant. But you just don't go for brains alone. Physical attractiveness is something you won't compromise on. You of all people can afford to be picky. You are demanding, but you are also in demand. And when someone gets you alone, you're truly amazing. Not many people get to see you in action.
Huh, quit interesting...

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