Sunday, January 6, 2008

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yay, my brain is drain now now but i still have to do 3 task before is expire. i am also running out of interim here since this site ask me to post 2 private post before the paid post from them. huh, i cant understand why they want 2 non paid post. but heck i still grab this task no matter what. maybe ill just do the other task tomorrow morning.

happy weekend

hello blogger friends, how is your weekend? mine is pretty good. although i am a bit disappointed cos i was not able to chat my love this afternoon. huh, too bad he is worrying again that is why he had difficulty in sleeping. i always feel bad whenever he feels like this and i am miles away from him. how i wish i can be at here side to ease his worries. anyway, to all my blogger friends, visitors have a great weekend.

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..i already had the money i transfer from paypal to my eon account. i am getting excited to buy the bike i am planning to my son and nephew. my son is kind easy to be afraid kid huh, he is my son so i guess he have it from me. i don't know how to drive a bike so i want my son try it while he is young cos i'm afraid he cant do it when he get older kasi masyadong matatakutin. i will also try to post picture here if i can.

my year rate

Fe wants to know how my year rate. yay, i am getting excited to take this quiz and to see what is my rate. Here is it Fe, apologized if i was not able to take this quiz blame it to the holiday season.hahahahaha...

You Had a Fantastic Year!
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its our 2nd year anniversary

free myspace comments
yehey..its i and my love had our 2nd year anniversary yesterday. too bad we can't make it to celebrate together i really hope we will have a belated anniversary celebration. i hope and pray that we can surpass any problem that will come on our way like we did before. i am thankful to our almighty god that although we a miles away from each other we still manage to stay strong.

queue of tags

yay, i always forgot to do my tags and i know i already forgot who tag me. anyway i will try to recall and find out who tagged me this is the reward for not updating my tags. the first tag i found is a tagged from Pretty Life Online. she wants to know if i can keep my new year resolution, huh.. i am keeping my fingers cross for the result.

You Will Keep Your New Year's Resolution
You planning on making a resolution that's smart, attainable, and perfect for where your life is.
Will You Keep Your New Year's Resolution?
Another tag from Lolli, i have been trying to access her account the other day but i simply can not open her site maybe she doing some editing or her server was down. anyway the tag is also about new year here is it.

Rule: Copy the person and persons’ names that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps to build community.

Here goes:

What are some new year good luck tradition.

I remember when i was a kid my mother used to asked us to jump during midnight for us to be taller but sad to say hindi naman ako tumaas.hehehe.. my aunt asked me to ate 13 grapes during 2006 new year i asked her why i should eat the grapes she said for me to be lucky and bless and i guess that work for me.wearing clothes that is printed in round will also bring us luck. we filipino have a lor of traditional belief siguro pangalawa tayo sa Chinese. Rosemarie of Celebrate Life

My beloved mother told us don’t open the money pouches until a few days have passed. Traditional New Year foods are also thought to bring luck, she said 13 different kinds of fruits is good luck, and family together around tables of traditional foods. lolli of

My mom used to collect some coins and when the new year comes she put the coins in a bowl and shake it to create sounds. She said its good luck for money throughout the year. And also wearing dotted dresses on new year don’t know why. CC and chalyza and keep.

I don’t have any traditionals during New Year. Juliana RW

My old folks always told us to avoid spending money on new years day. They said, once you spend on the first day of the year, you like to spend the rest of the year. Behind d Scenes of ME and Retchel’s Pure Life and A little bit of me

I grew up believing that if you have some money on your pocket (whatever you’re wearing) come New Year’s eve it will ensure steady flow of income throughout the year. The other belief is that the main door of the house should be wide open come New Year’s eve so that good luck will be ushered in. Juliana of MY WORLD and JULIANA’S LAIR.

Enough for today since i cant find other tag for me. hehehehe... i will not tagging anyone for i think almost of my blogger friends is done with this tagged but anyone can snag this tag just leave me a comment.