Monday, January 7, 2008

baby slings at

When my son was still a baby I not always bring him to any where I go simply because it can be a handful for me. One time I feel that i am taking for granted my son for not bringing him to some places, so i decided to buy a baby sling. From then on I can bring him to downtown and drop him at the park. I suggest to all the mommies out there to visit for they have a variety of baby slings. You will have some choices for they have many design and color available for affordable price.

try kava kava to enjoy your life

Have you heard of kana kava food supplement? Well, I haven’t heard it as well since this is not common in the Philippines I only knew that this supplement exist when I bumped in their website. Anyway is settled in Hawaii is nestled on the fertile volcanic slopes of Kona’s Hualalai Mountain, famous of producing Hawaii’s most sought coffee. Kava can be use as medicinal to those who have urogenital inflammation and cystitis it can also be drunk when you have a headache, to promote urination, to ease unruly stomach, cough in children, asthma and tuberculosis. Actually there are lots of illnesses that can be prevented through the help of kava kava. I encourage trying this kava kava to enhance your life by helping reduce stress, increase your overall sense of well-being, and add enjoyment. For more information visit their site and for sure you will be interested to know more about this supplement.

for few months....

....i have been using my cousin's keyboard since i broke my keyboard....binuksan ko lang naman kaya sya nasira.hahahahaha.... anyway the money i used to bought this keyboard is from my blogging really feel great na nabili ko ito dahil sa paidpost. i also bought the bife for my nephew wala pa ang sa anak ko kasi walang maliit na avialable next time na lang. bumili din ako ng kunting gamit para sa baby ng kapatid. ill put pic when next time. anyway ito pala picture ng bago kung keyboard sa webcam ko lang to kinunan kaya medyo blur.

good morning

good morning blogger friend, how is your morning? as for me my morning is pretty good although i was not able to grab one task because of slow loading. hay, it sometimes happen. anyway its Monday and i have lot of things to be done before i call it a day. my cousin cesar was here asking me a favor if i can help him renew his business permit. huh, i always do it anyway every year, good thing cos i will visit the accounting office for i have some question to ask with regard to our 2008 annual budget. then when im done ill immediately go to downtown. heck, what a busy day to start the week

online casino at

I haven’t tried playing online gambling maybe because it is not my cup of coffee. But I do have a cousin that loves to gamble. He always asked me if he can do any online gamble, been searching for a good site which I can refer to him. Huh, will you blame me if I am hesitant to help him? I only want his money to be secure. I bumped this site that offers some review on online casino. I am pretty sure that my cousin’s money will be safe for the site that are listed to them are rated according to gaming software quality, bonus amount and terms, games assortment and performance, customer service and support, reliability, graphics/ambiance, and overall gaming experience. Isn’t a nice offer? He is not really good in using computer but with he doesn’t need to worry because they have guide how to gamble.