Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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I get addicted to coffee since I started to chat to my love late at night. I drink coffee for it helps me fight to sleep. And sometimes I can finish two to three cups every day. Coffee can also be drink to those employee who doing their work until midnight. Brewing the coffee would be easy if you have bunn coffee maker. If you are planning to buy a coffee maker why not try the bunn coffee maker.

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first post rejected

yay, my first rejected in ppp happened yesterday and it is because i accidentally press this ' symbol when i press the enter key. Maybe i am still used to the old keyboard i was using cos is have a big enter key. huh, this is a lesson that i need to do be careful and check the link before passing it.

change to a better person with self hypnosis

Its 9 days of year 2008 and I know some of us would love to change something to make our lives better than we are last year. Problem is it sometimes hard to change something from us especially if we want to change our fear in life. Yes, I am sure we have some fears that we want to get rid of it. One way of getting these phobias is trying this self hypnosis which I read online. It is really interesting to know that we can achieve this goal in just listening to a cd that is available at You can avail a FREE MP3 player for every multi-purchase. Now you can improve your self, get rid of fear and phobia and change your body imagine without having some pain or taking some pills that might take us into some illness.

what i am in highschool

All American Kid
Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain. You were well rounded and well liked in high school.
Who Were You In High School?
I am curious about this quiz, so i tried to answer some question if they will really tell what i am when i was in my high school years and look what i have popular but not plastic. huh, i am just a regular student but yes i am not plastic. yes i am not a brainy student but heck i never had a failing grade. how about you did u check what you are during your high school days? why not try and see what will you have.

website downloader

When I start blogging I also start visiting some site and often I bumped into some sites that snatch my attention. Once I asked the website owner if I can download the site and when I was allow downloading it I simply can not download it. I am really frustrated because I really wanted that site. Now, I have an idea on how I can copy web site without any sweat it will only take one click and viola I now have the website. I mean the whole website including the full image, sounds and video. For me to this one click downloading I only need to have this world’s most powerful website downloader which is only available at The website is actually free you only need to pay a small amount for distribution and support. Grab this opportunity before its too late.

my grammar rate

You Scored an B
You got 7/10 questions correct. Okay, so your grammar isn't perfect, but it's at least passable. You probably know English and its rules well. You just are careless about applying them. Proofread your writing a little more carefully. Your mistakes aren't tragic, and they're easy to fix. Give grammar a little more effort, and you'll keep your friends from shaking their heads over your blunders.
The It's Its There Their They're Quiz
I was really hesitant to take this quiz for i know my english isn't perfect. i do have some flaws especially when i am in a hurry. well, the result of my quiz is not that bad i just need to careful on using the rules. hehehehe...i know i can improve my grammar.

protect your computer privacy

I really thought deleting files stored in my recycle bin and restoring my computer will actually clean my hard drive. Moreover, I don’t know that windows is logging everything I do, every site I visit, every a-mail I write, and every person I contact is store. Shame, good thing I found they promise to help those who one to clear their hard drive. I will need to pay $22.95 before midnight Wednesday, January 9, 2008 and I will have a full version of Evidence-Blaster 2008 and a lifetime support. Huh, not bad for I will have a hard drive cleaner life supports. So if anyone want to clear their browser history, erase browser cache, eliminate cookies, remove porn site, remove visited websites, erase windows temporary files and a lot more just visit for more information.

i was at the accounting .... as i planned to go there when the rain stopped, but since some of the treasurer where there i Mrs. Regis can't accommodate me. So i waited for half an hour i think until we start discussing my budget. I still need to go back there around 2 pm so we can finish what we had started. I hope the chairman will grant me to have a special session early next week or this weekend for i have a very important matter to do next week. i want to submit this budget before that time.

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Yay, another online casino site, this is in fact one of the reason that online gambling is increasing everyday. Having a trouble on choosing what site to play online casino, I found this site that has a rating guide to the best online casinos. Their team has been gambling at online casino sites since 2001, for this they sure know which casinos are reputable through personal experience. They have also reviewed poker rooms, but playing casinos online had been their spotlight. That is, if you are don’t trust the site you are playing now I suggest you to visit for they have some casino site reviewed to choice from. I am pretty sure that you can now play casino without worrying about your money. To finish, you will also see some computations like, poker competition, supercash solitaire competition this two is offered by online casino.

good morning ..

How was your morning going on? mine is really good been blessed for 2 days in a row and i thanks God for that, and for my sponsored review sites as well for without this 2 it is not possible for me to earn income. I want to share this short story that happened last night. I and me love is chatting 3 times a day, during night time i always sleep before we chat so that i will not be sleepy during our chat but last night i forgot to set my phone alarm. So i did not wake up at the time we agreed, so my love waited me for 30 minutes. Good thing he decided to call,hehehehe.. for that was the time i woke up. pity love waited long for his stuborn gf.