Monday, January 14, 2008 pr dropped

ano na naman ba ang nangyayari sa goggle at bumababa naman ang mga PR ng mga blog. the other day ester told me via my cbox that everybody is going crazy because of pr dropping down and heck i am one of those bloggers that blog's pr dropped. mine is from pr3 down to pr0, can goggle explain us why they dropped down our pagerank. i am really disappointed cos this blog is just starting to earn on blogging and yet look what happened its PR0 now. i would expect less task from now on.huhuhuh... i am praying that i can still receive some task to do although i am sure lower payouts but heck better than nothing.

helps you lessen your water payment

There are times that we experienced water shortage. Few years back I experienced this problem when our place had a strong typhoon because of this our water system was temporarily off for some problem and we need to fetched water in the barangay which have a water manual water pump. During this time having a rain water tanks since it was raining for few days before that said typhoon.

Today, most of the families are having a financial problem and they try to save to help their budget. It would be a great help minimizing the water bill if a household have this rainwatertanks. By this you can conserve water and lessen your water bill. You don’t need to do anything you just need to wait for the rain and viola you will have water for your car washing, watering plants, cleaning your garage and many more. Another way of conserving water is the use of grey water systems this help you reused the water from your washing machine, shower, hand basins and restore it for your car washing, toilets and garden.