Wednesday, January 16, 2008

earn a degree at capella university

Are you planning to earn your diploma while working or you don’t have any time going to university everyday? Sometimes you can not find any job because some of the job vacancy requires the applicants to have a degree and this can be really frustrating to those under graduate who desperately needs a job. Now days you can do almost everything online and one of this is taking up your degree online. Yes, you read it right you can now have the diploma you are aiming through online studies. In terms of distance learning and online schools I can say that capella university is the best online school. They are currently the fastest-growing online university. There mission is to deliver high quality bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. They have 8,500 learners and graduates have profited from this revolution of higher education. You will also have variety of courses to choice from. If you’re one of those who are having difficulties on looking for an online school I would suggest you to visit Capella University. This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive.

my friend is home

As i mentioned earlier, i and my other friends in college visited the wake of our friends father. To our surprised Theresa was there she arrived from Hongkong last night. We had a long chat about her work, employer and what is new in our daily life

so bless

I thanks PPP for giving me 2 opps this morning, just log off from my ym to say good night and i love you to my love of my life **winks**. hindi masyadong inlove ano? anyway i am grateful that i can now earn money on my domain blog. yesterday smorty approved it and today its ppp's turn. i thank you to our God that although i have a bad page rank i still have some links assignment to do.

have a lower phone bill at

Making a call to our love is for me deem and proper more over if we are far from our love ones. Calling abroad to the Philippines is really expensive. I know my boyfriend is paying a lot to his telephone bill. Just imagine calling me almost everyday pity love of my life spending too much to his phone. I have been thinking how I can minimize his phone bill, but of course I will not suggest him to minimize his call to me because I that is far from my plan. Good thing I bumped this site called, you only need to pay some $6.99 per month in world plan basic and $29.99 unlimited call to anywhere of the world. You only need to have broadband internet connection, home router and telephone then viola you can now enjoy this offer. Once you’ve signed up you will get a free phone adapter which is fast and easy to install. What are you waiting for visit them and subscribe this great offer which will lead you to Win an iPOD . You will also avail of $30 sign up bonus.

good morning fellow blogger

Good morning fellow bloggers.. how is your morning doing? as for me i am doing good i abl to grab one opps when i open my dashboard. good thing cos i will not have much time waiting for more opps as i will be singining off early today. My good friend in college who is not in hongkong, her father died and i and my other friends decided to visit the funeral this morning. i really hope that the weather will be nice since we need to ride a motorcycle.