Tuesday, January 22, 2008

all about babies

When the time I knew that I am pregnant I immediately think of some baby names. Yes you read it right I am thinking of a possible name to my baby on my first tri-semester too early but can you blame me that was my first pregnancy and I am really excited. When I finally have him, I sometime struggling what to do with him especially when the baby is crying. I always get panicky when he cried good thing my sister was there to guide me.

After 3 years he now a grown up baby boy even heavier and taller than his age and sometimes people mistaken him as 5 years old. When he is enjoying and playing around, how I wish that I can capture anything he does and put it in his baby photo gallery. Well it’s not too late so maybe I will start this soon so he can have something to look back when he get older. With the experience I had with my son I am sure that I am not again ready to have another baby. I am pretty sure that I can enjoy it this time not like before that I get worried easily. More especially that I bumped into this site called this site is really informative from planning a baby, how to take care of the baby and so on.