Thursday, January 24, 2008

having a second thought

Since this morning i new it that my other blog has a Pr3 rank. I admit i did a wrong move, my original plan is it to use this blog for my own domain but someone told me that all the stat that i have in this blog will again start from beginning. Before this blog has a pr3 and also earning a good traffic rank so I just used the other blog. Now i am thinking to move my own domain here and just use my old domain in my other blog and say chao on this domain. I know i am getting paranoid cos of this PR thingy. But. will you blame me? huh, i am just thinking of the molah i will earn if i will use my old domain that has a PR now. Ano? hindi mukhang pera? hahahaha... Anyway i already called my domain host and they will do it for me. They say it will take 1 to 2 days. So time to say bye bye charlie to my alexa rank here. I know i will have it back in time.

task is slow

aho...aho....ahooo link assignments is slow since my PR here dropped down to 0 from 3. I missed those days that i have many task waiting for me. More especially on ppp for 4 days before i lost my pr there are white opportunities waiting for me. but now? pahirapan pa kung makakuha, moreover that my internet connection was slow and i always lost it. Google will again update PR's after 3 months. Will I have my PR back? huh, i am crossing my fingers cross.....