Friday, January 25, 2008

be back later

no updates..... i'm doing some changes..... i'll be back soon... please bear with me.....

blog award from Lisa

Got an award from Lisa apologized sis for the late posting. Anyway here it goes. Finally i able to grab opps from ppp, im happy cos my love did the first paragraph. How sweet of him although he not really like i am into this site but now he starting to go with the flow :-). I will be looking forward making my task with him.

empty beanie: glorious moments of human failute forum

Reading forum is somewhat interesting. I was not into this stuff before until a very good friend of mine told me about this site that he said is good to visit. I did not belief this at first but most admit now that this friend of mine was more than right. I was so astonished to see how very interesting most of the post are. Some of course is more interesting that others but all things considered nearly all visitors should find something their fitting interests.

While browsing some discussion sites I bumped into this site called Empty Beanie: Glorious Moments of Human Failure. The topic is really interesting although the site is quite new but it is pleasurable to read. You can also share any of your interesting stories may it happen to you or events that you have witness by joining them. Empty Beanie also allows a mega vote option where users can buy 10 votes or 10 negative votes for a story for $1 using paypal. Why not take a look with their site and glimpse what they have.