Wednesday, January 30, 2008

too bad....missed an opps

Yay, i missed the $50 payout for 50 words. How is wish i did not log off but i am really thinking ppp will not give any opps today. Yours truly is really tired today. It is my son's 3rd b-day and i also need to do my job in the barangay. But the frustrating part is that i forgot to buy a film for the camera so i was not able to take some pics. Really feel bad.

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my son's 3rd b-day myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics
It's the 3rd birthday of my son, Justin Aiken. Time really flies parang kaylan lang i used to breasfeed him, change his nappy and make his formula. He is really growing fast. Thanks God for giving him another year year to celebrate and I hope many many more years to come.