Sunday, February 10, 2008

invest your money in precious metals

Now day’s dollar is dropping down each day and I think investing your money into something would be a good idea. And since some of us are fascinated with gold, silver or other precious metals and coins I am pretty sure that putting our money in this kind of investment is a good idea. Looking for a good site that offer a good price of gold bullion or silver bullion can be difficult. We all know that there are some site selling gold and silver. I was amazed when I found because they have a live update of the prices daily. Transporting your merchandise is not a problem because they can ship it to your personal bank for depository. And by the way monex has been in this business for over 30 years and they are America’s gold, silver and precious metal investment leader so I am sure that you will be in safe hand when you do business with them.

tag awards

My best buddy in friendster whom i treat as my big sister has entered to the world of blogging a while ago and i got my first tag award from her. Thanks for treating me as your little sister Ate Liz you know how much i treasure our friendship. I am passing this tag award to my new added friends Joy-Masipagwapa, Mari-Domain, and Dana&Debbie Another tag award from my blogger buddy Yen thanks for this sister i am happy to have this tag award although i cant visit your blog always you still remember me. I am passing this award to Nova, Darlene, and Ester