Monday, February 18, 2008

quicky update

hello friends hope all of you are doing good. As for me my day is not that good there reason is here and in addition my ankle is a bit hurt. I had a wrong move this afternoon ad heck i did it twice. ohh i am too clumsy or absent minded? Anyway got to go now just I am just doing a quick update

poker chips at

In this generation you can do everything and anything through your computer. Some of this is shopping online and online gaming. You can do shop and gamble anytime of they day. Today some of us are addicted to online gaming and one of the most popular games is poker. To those who don’t know what is poker it is one of the game played by cards. The players with fully or partially hide cards and put it into a central pot; the winner is the player who has the best combination of cards among the players. Huh, sound easy and maybe you want to try it for your self. But hey don’t be fast you need to have a poker chips before you can play poker.

You have this poker chip at American Gaming Supply.Com. They have an array of poker chips, and you can even have your own set customize for you. If you have your own company you can put it in your chips. Huh, sound great you can play and at the same time you can do advertisement of your company. At American Gaming Supply you can not just buy poker chips but also furniture, poker table and accessories and they accept major credit cards including paypal. Last but not the least is that they offer free shipping’s and if you have some question can send a message in their live chat.