Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wholesale flower at

Recently, the summer capital of the Philippines held its annual Penagbenga Festival. The Penagbenga Festival showcases many gigantic floral float and native dances. A breathtaking view indeed and I am sure all the festival goers had a festive and fantastic mode just seeing those striking floats that are dressed with flowers. I’m wondering how much the budget for every float on the flower alone. Huh, I only hope they got the flowers in a wholesale flowers store coz if they did they will have a great deal then. is offers a whole sale to their clients and they have an array of flowers to choice from for any occasions. Flowers from Fiftyflowers are in a good quality as it grows in a top-quality green house with proper care. So, if you are in need of flowers for your wedding don’t look any further visit as they variety of flowers especially designed for weddings.

how fast i can type

I've been seeing this tag in the blogosphere I know I don't type properly. And I am not a fast typer either. Anyway thanks Ice and Nova for remembering me to do this tag I had fun doing it. So here is the result of my typing skill. Yay, I only type 47 words per minute, 250character per minute and 374440 of 733546 on the ranking list. Huh, not bad

47 words