Thursday, March 13, 2008

signoff for a while

Yehey... one task down I still have one last task to go but since I still have a very long time to finish my one last task I will sign off for now and take some nap. I am bit sleepy now and I still need lot power for chatting and ppp catching of opps. While I am sleeping I will scan my pc as I am bit of panicky cos of this trojan virus. Soo babayu for now and be back after 2 hours.

rare gold coins at

I know someone that collect variety of coins. I know that if I tell her about this rare coin I am sure she would love to add this to her collection. I would also want to have this rare coin as a collection or as a remembrance. At they have a rare coin gallery like gold dollars, quarter eagles, three dollar gold pieces, silver dollar and many more. I would love to have the rare gold coins collection. Monaco rare coins offer their customer the finest rare coin values in the word that is why you don’t regret buying these coins. They have been in the business for almost 4o years. So If you are planning to invest in a precious metal yous should check out

I tagged

Got this tag from Yen

  • I AM… being me, and my self
  • I WANT…to travel the world and to have a family that I can call my own. **winks**
  • I HAVE… a son named Justin Aiken from a previous relationship and I also have my lalabs
  • named Gvendur
  • I WISH…my kids and nephew will have a good future in any field they choice.
  • I the house!
  • I FEAR… to try how to swim and ride a bike
  • I SEARCH…for a great deal houses in Cebu!
  • I WONDER…why some people can't be happy to their fellow! lol
  • I REGRET…trusting to some But I moved on na.
  • I LOVE…my son and my love, my family!
  • I ALWAYS…think positive
  • I AM NOT…a bad person unless provoked!
  • I DANCE…like....huh, i really don't know how to dance.
  • I SING…at the bathroom.
  • I CRY....sometimes, when i am hurt, when watching drama movie or show.
  • I WRITE…because I want to share my thoughts
  • I WON…a won a washing maschine last August, Actually i bought 1 booklet of ticket and named it to my son, nephew and nieces but my son was lucky.
  • I AM CONFUSED…sometimes of many things
  • I NEED…to take a nap after
  • I SHOULD…try to save..hehe
I am passing this tag to Nova, Ate Liz, Fe, Ate Joy, Darlene, and Imelda

Ohhh My Gosh..

While blog hopping I bumped into one of my blogger friends blog that has pop up and to my surprised my anti virus detect a virus on the pop up. The warning sign says they found a trojan virus huhuhuh.. I hope nothing happen to my pc. Anyway I will scan it later today. Just need to finish 2 task while my brain is functioning.hehehehe....

Social network for board sports

To those you loves board sports like surfing, skateboard, and snowboard. I am some of you wants to upload pictures, videos, and audio clips. Well, you can actually do that at is a social community for you. Huh, my town is doing good in skimboarding and I sure there is a lot who would love to share their memories while having fun on the beach.

Silly nephew

My nephew draw something on the paper and he tease my son. After finishing the drawing he gave it to Justin and told him that it was him who is in the drawing. And when my son he saw the drawing picture later today. ****Update**** Anyway here is the drawing that I am talking about.

Great choice of beds and beddings

Who would not like to have a good and comfortable sleep? I am defintely sure all of us want that. For you to have attain this you need to have a good bed and a good comforter. At you will see variety of of beds and beddings. So if you are looking for a silk comforter then visit them for I know you will have the best choice of comforter.