Sunday, April 13, 2008

bye bye bubbly girl

Last night the first eveiction night was held and among the nominee. The first housemate to go out from the big brother house is Jieriel Papa. A 16 years old Bubbly Girl from Davao. She was voted from her fellow housemate for being palautos and prangka. Too bad because Beauty whom she call as her ate in the house voted her too. Tonight is the next nomination and one guardian will go out tonight

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Win $200 this August

Yeah, you read it right you can up to $200 this August. Who knows you will be the lucky winner. So what are you waiting for visit Yenny's blog and join. ..............................i'll update this portion later........................

Please know that this contest is a RAFFLE DRAW!


1st prize: $100 in cash through Paypal 2nd prize: $40 in cash through Paypal 3rd prize: $30 in cash through Paypal 4th prize: $20 in cash through Paypal 5th prize: $10 in cash through Paypal

Please read carefully for the Mechanics:

  1. You blog about this contest OR simply copy and paste the mechanics to your blog post then you get 20 entries. Please make sure that you include all 5 links of my blogs. Creative In Me Little Peanut Me and Mine Pea in a Pod Sugar Magnolias
  2. You leave comments to all my blogs and you get 1 entry per comment. But please make sure that it is related to what I have written in the post. No spamming, please. Sorry, I have to do this because everyone wants to win! Valid posts are from April 9, 2008 to August 31, 2008. Tokyo Time. +9 GMT.
  3. You add me in your Technorati fave and you get 1 entry. I have 5 blogs so it means that if you add 5 of my blogs you will get 5 entries.
  4. You subscribe to my Feed, here and you get 5 entries. Only for this blog. I want 1 year guarantee that you will not unsubscribe after the contest! I know some of you don’t like reading my But hey, this is my blog!
  5. You nominate a blog that you like most around the blog-o-sphere and you will include that when you blog about this contest and you get another 2 entries. Be honest who you really like most. Not because you are blogging buddy! Just say, you like that blog with a link. Because everyone likes linky love, so that’s why I do that!
  6. And to add more spice in my contest, you guess when was the exact date of our wedding day! Right guess will get 2 entries.
  7. Guess the exact birthdate of my little boy who will turn 6 and you get 2 entries!
  8. Guess the exact birthdate of my dear husband and you get 2 entries! He’s the one giving away the So, I need to include it here:) haha
  9. You must leave comment to this post and let me know if you are joining. That gives you another 2 entries.
  10. Last but not the least, if you can do step 1 to 9, you can get additional 20 entries! See, it’s a lot of fun!

And 1 consolation prize. What it will be? Well, you find out this coming August! Who knows except, me;) Now, go spread the word and let’s have fun!!!

ETA: April 13, 2008

Note: You can leave your guesses for the birthdays in this post. I won’t disclose the exact dates until August 31 anyway! :) Contest ends August 31, 2008. Winners will be announced a day or two after! And if ever you will win more than once, that’s the time I will only choose one prize which is the highest amount for you to win! :) I want to share the love to others too!

The more entries, the more chance of winning!!!

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