Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online survey

A friend of mine who encourage me to make a blog introduce me to earn online through survey. When i tried this I find it very interesting. I am actually enjoying giving feedback about the site, products, and many more. Survey is another way of bringing your business into the next level. Anyway if you have a business and need to take a survey then I suggest you to visit I am pretty sure you will be in the right choice for the software is intelligent and easy-to-use survey, depth of functionality, ease of integration and control and security multi-user solution. For you to have and get some information why not visit the site and check sample customer surveys that are available. You can also avail of the 30 days free trial.


Myspace Comments
Time to bid goodnight now while making this post my eyes is nearly close. I still need to wake up early tomorrow for I have a lot of things to do. Hay I only hope i can wake up early tomorrow before U run out of time. Anyway triple P is good to me today I able so grab 2 opps today without hassle connection is fast I wish this is always like this.

Informative website

When I am barely starting to make my own blog I really don’t know anything. Thanks for a good friend that I meet online she really helps me on where to start. I do have 3 active blog and some says that I have a nice layout in my other two blogs. How I wish I make it my own. Another thing that I don’t know when I start to blog is the page rank thingy. I really don’t know that this page rank is important when you opt to monetize your blog. I was surprised to have a Pr of 3 when I start to blog to think that my site is a month old. All the sacrifice and effort is paid when I got this rank. But few months ago I lost that page rank and until now I don’t have any idea how to do a pagerank calculation. I haven’t heard of SEO before and now I know that this is important in one blog. Timely, because I came across to this site called The site is very informative more especially if you are a newbie on web page designing and setup. You will also know what stuff to put into your page that will of course help you to gain some visitors. So guys if you are planning to know on how to design a website why not take a peek on this site this is for sure a big help for you.

Nice chat

Yes I in deed had a nice chat with my lalabs. It feels good when we are in a good chat. I mean lets admit relationship is not always a happy thing. We also have those bad moment and the last time we fight is we end up crying. Weird cos we haven't see in person yet but when we fight we both end tired and unhappy.

Web design tips for new bloggers

I am always fascinated to a website that has great theme and layout. Whenever I saw I great site I kept on coming back to that site and even ask how the site owner manage to make a good layout. Must admit I am innocent about CSS and HTML or anything about how to make an eye catching website. During the time that I am starting to make my own website I always end up searching for blog covering web design topics hoping to get some idea.

Anyone to those who are planning to own a website or blog you don’t need to be bothered for are here to help you. They will help you to have a good website that will keep your viewers to come and check your blog. And at the same time earn a good traffic. The site also gives some idea on how to have a higher page rank. We all know that to have a good page rank would allow the blogger to earn and grab higher payouts. So time to go now and I want to read more about this site I am talking about. I know it is timely that I bumped into this site for I am planning to have another blog.