Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chasing opps getting hard

Just hang up talking to my love in the phone to let me know to go to bed cos he can not go online. I am actually sleepy now but when i check my dashboard I noticed that the opportunities is increasing so I decided to stay for few minutes and hope to grab opps. Chasing opps for few days now are not that easy well I manage to grab one opps everyday and that is better than zero. **winks** Until here cos I might missed some opps hehehe

BDU pants at

Are you a wifey of a military officer or you know someone that is in a military? Then why not take a look of this site they have an array of BDU Pants. BDU pants have been worn by both military personnel as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Shopping is not difficult for you can shop by categories and shop by brand. Price is not a problem too because their price is affordable.

Am I ready to get married?

Good afternoon fellow.... Just woke few minutes ago and I just go out from the bath. Hmm.... So I feel fresh now and of course nice smell. Anyway nothing to do yet while waiting for my love to come online so I decided to again take some quiz. This time I want to know if I am ready to get married. Huh, Am I? Anyway here is it....

You Are Ready to Get Married
You've done more than dream about the dress and the honeymoon In fact, you spend a good deal of your time thinking about what makes a relationship work And from your answers, it looks like you have the skills to say "I Do" and mean it You've dated enough, learned your fair share, and you're ready to settle down.

Epocrates an ipod innovation

Have you heard of Epocrates Inc? It is an innovative mobile and web-based products to help them reduce medical errors, improve patient care and increase productivity. It is well known for producing clinical software such as online drug reference, medical dictionary, CPT codes, and many more. This software is used over 500,000 health care professionals. Services they offer are (1) market research which provide convenient, cost-effective targeted solution needs in healthcare professionals survey (2) formulary hosting which managed care organizations, insurers, and hospitals (3) medical education that deliver their CME programs to target clinicians via Epocrates DocAlert messaging and MobileCME handheld solutions. Epocrates Inc. is located at San Mateo California founded in 1998. For more information you can visit the site or call +16502271700.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Question of the Week16

  1. Have you tried running far away from home alone? How does it feel? No haven't experience of running away from home.
  2. Who or what is most beautiful to you? hmmm... the most beautiful for is someone who can carry herself and standout among others.
  3. You are still sleeping and suddenly someone wakes you up. What would be your first reaction? depend on who is waking me up. If it my son I just hug him and go back to sleep. **winks** and if it's a phone call it is surely my love and it makes me happy cos it makes magchat kami.
  4. What’s your significant other/partner/husband/wife calls you? And what do you call him/her? We call it's other my love, lalabs, asawako **winks** and if we are pissed we call its other by our complete names.
  5. Someone is knocking at your car window, and you see a little girl selling fruits for $1. Are you going to buy one or just ignore her? Please be honest. hmmm...if I have a millionaire I will for sure going to buy But if not I will go and find a cheaper one.
  6. What time did you wake up today? Happy or Sad? ahhmm... I woke up 2:45 by a phone call from my love and of course I am HAPPY
  7. Do you go to work everyday? Where? At home in front of my PC
  8. What did you do this past weekend? At home lang
  9. A random photo off the web…anything at all that you think is worth posting. Post it here.
10. Why did you chose that picture/image? Hay.... wala lang gusto ko lang kasing maging happily married. hahahaa... You can join the fun here