Friday, April 25, 2008

Lasik complications

Have you heard of Lasik complications I am sure some of you knows about this. So if anyone here are planning or schedule to undergo lasik surgery make it sure that the doctor that will do this for you is a certified lasik doctors. Our eyes is one of our important asset so would love that asset to be in good shape. Anyway USAEyes take a CORE survey on lasik operation and the USAEyes CORE survey preliminary results says that Lasik is safe, predictable, not always perfect. HUh, this survey only shows that undergoing a Lasik operation can be too risky. I am sure that you would love to know more about Lasik complication and I suggest you to visit for more information.

British got talent

The other day while sitting in front of my pc and listening to the news on tv. The news anchor grasp my attention when I heard that a Filipina is making a name in British. So I put my concentration on the tv screen and after checking the new I immediately check this Filipina name Madonna Decina on youtube and here's I've got. To be honest I am teary eyed when while watching the video. Enjoy watching.

Shop wisely

Today shopping is getting expensive and that is why whenever I shop I look for something that is good and on sale. And while searching online to where to shop best I stumble this site and what grasp my attention is that this site is in the list on most 101 useful web site. After checking the site I discover that they have a great deal in shopping. They have this what they called Gift Idea Generator so to know more about the site just click the link.