Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lalabs review

Yes, you read the title correctly the post below is one of the post they my lalabs did. This time i only added like 3-4 sentences and the rest is my lalabs review. It really feels good when I ask to make him a review cos at first he really don't like that I am into blogging for personal and reasonable reason but not he let me do it. One of the stuff he allows me to do although he not love it before. To my lalabs thanks and I am looking forward to the days that we will both in front of our pc making review.

Make phoning more affordable

Hi man... I got to tell you that I saw this site earlier today called Jupee Numbers an international virtual numbers. This is one of the most astonishing sites I ever came across and mostly because it is so easy to understand and work. It is simply great how easy that is. And the services they offer are so up to date that they are as hot as the new babes in Hollywood. The greatest offer is that they offering in more than 50 countries. A good benefit of using this Jupee number are endless weather you are a business owner offering services to other countries or just a simple friends away from home. With this innovation you can you can simply make phoning simply fun and cheap to do so man you simply have to try this out as soon as possible.

Am sure that when you get to know these Virtual Numbers better and understand all the possibilities they give in forwarding through skype, msn and then you really get hooked on this great new stuff So what are you waiting for buy an international virtual number now and forward it to your mobile phone, landline or even an instant messenger service like Gtalk or Skype. I am sure that when these features have some serious distribution then phoning will never be done otherwise

Morning Saturday

Good morning to all the fellow bloggers in the PI and good evening to all the bloggers abroad. Its Saturday again. Hope we will have a great Saturday ahead of us. Wow I am surprised to see that this post is my 601 entry for this blog. Time really flies, parang kaylan lang I am one of those who are having difficulty in making a blog.