Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off for a nap

Done chatting to my Lalabs and after we chat I headed to the kitchen to eat my dinner. And here I am sitting in front of my pc again. Well, I will take a nap anytime soon. Ohh boy… I am happy because finally I have a task from blogsvertise. It's been a decade since I had my last review with them. I hope I can still grab tomorrow like I used to when I still have the PR3 on my blog.

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Physically and emotionally tired?

Got home at 2.30 from Tacloban and honestly I am physically and emotionally tired. hala......nagemote and lola. Wala lang feel ko lang e-share ang aking feeling today. Medyo nagkaroon kasi kami ng misunderstanding aking lalabs bago ako umalis papuntang Tacloban. Hay pag-ibig....Anyway, just woke a few minutes ago and I still feel tired and humid. Grabe ang init ngayon.