Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday rant

I lost electric power while chatting to my lalabs. We have been having misunderstanding since yesterday morning. But good cos we are trying to be good with each other now. I am ready to go downtown now to verify the check for paying our bond premium today but our chairperson is not at their home that is why I need to wait until he get home cos he need to sign the check and the disbursements voucher. Wow its raining opps at triple P today and I have 15 white opportunity in my dashboard when i logout. I hope they are still available when i log in later today.

Rent a car at

Are you going to go somewhere away from home? And you have been worrying because you can not bring your car? The only solution you have in mind is to rent a car. Then I suggest you to visit and avail of there car rental service. With them you can avail of there special offer. Isn’t a $19.99 is a great markdown? You can actually get the special offer on what car you will be renting. You don't need to fret on making reservation with them is easy all you need to do is let them know where you want them to pick you up and then select the vehicle that you want to use. To anyone that is traveling without a car is the best car rental choice.

Crazy son

My son is up now like he usually do. His body clock never failed to wake him up at 5:30-6 in the morning. I sometimes tell him to go back to bed but he is simply crazy that he will start showing the tag line of Cesar Montano in the singing bee. So my neighbors would hear him shouting the "singing bee" you singing the first line of Lupang Hinirang.

Socialspark a new inovation of IZEA

Have you heard of SocialSpark? If not I’ll tell you something about this latest bloggers craze. Socialsparks is the newly open site of IZEA or Payperpost. It is another way of earning online. I have been visiting the site for many times now and I even sign in and submit my blog. But sad to say my blog did not meet their qualification so I will just wait for a week and then try to re-submit my blog. I just hope this time I will receive an e-mail letting me know that my blogs are approve. At first glance you will for sure like the color combination of the site like I did.

Anyway while searching and scanning the page I realized that I love it. Why? Because you can not just earn money but you can also earn new friends as you can add as many bloggers as you. It is actually like a social networking which allows member to talk and exchange views and opinion. Although my blog is not yet open to the market and I haven’t make any post with them I already have my own profile and even add some friend. In Socialspark you can see the profile of the latest visitors and the latest blogger who take the opportunity. So what are waiting for visit the site and be one of us.