Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feel bad

Yeah I feel bad not seeing my lalabs on cam. good thing I got a call from him this afternoon and 2 sms while I am typing this post. I will reply him after I post this entry. But despite those sms and calls I still miss him so much. I know some of you will understand what I fell being far to someone you love is really hard. Anyway until here lalabs is getting crazy cos I don't reply his sms got 4 from him now. Hay kamahal man sa amon way of communication oi.

Job hunting, anyone?

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Good morning

Hello peepz..How is the chasing today? I have few fishes to catch but small fishes and in 300 words. Kumusta naman kaya yan? diba nakakawendang ng brain? Anyway I still grab any fish that is available.hehehe.. buti an yun kesa wala. It's Thursday today malapit na matapos ang May kailangan ko namang mamili ng school supplies for my nephew that I send to school. Hay i really need to save some molah for the next month.

My friend's vacation

Some of us are now planning for their summer vacation trips. Some would just plan to have a long drive. I really want to spend a grand vacation buy unfortunately I can’t do it this year. Who knows, I will be in my dream vacation next summer. Anyway one of my fried just came home from a long vacation. When we talk online I saw she was really happy and satisfied with last vacation. It was indeed a blast vacation she had this year. My friend manage to visit Chicago things to do in this place is really awesome. She said she he vacation in this place turned out to be greater than she expected.

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