Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Have you watch this video of Howie Mandel and the skater? If not you should watch it, its funny and interesting. The video is all about although there is NO KEYWORD COMMENT ON YOUTUBE VIDEO. Howie did a good job on this video he manage to talk to the ex-girlfriend of the guy who just broke up the other night and hang up immediately. Anyway, as I mentioned before that the video is all about sells computers, cellphones, books, home and outdoor appliances and many more.

Done with my pending task

Finally I am done doing my task from payu2blog. My first bunch assignment from them and I love it. I am looking forward for my second, third and lot lot lot more of links assignment with them. Time for me sign off as I need to some house chores be back after few hours to visit some blogs. I haven’t been doing that for long now. Although I visit some blog every now and then I don’t leave any message, huh, lazy butt.

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All about golf

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Low cost travel insurance

Few weeks ago on my way home riding on the public utility vehicle. The two women were talking something and because they are seated beside me I heard what they are talking about. They are talking on where they can borrow some money for their father who got an accident on his way to work. I actually understand what these two women are talking about because medicines today are expensive. If only this guy has travel insurance for sure it would help them with the hospital and medicine bills. Worldtravelcenter.comn offers selection of insurances you can visit them for more info.