Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yahoo... i am done with my bunch of task from PayU as well to my other blog. I am love this site na I earn some bucks with them in my first week I even got my first payment from them. My waiting is now paid off I am enjoying doing post with them. I hope it is always like this since I haven't had any opps from smorty for the past few weeks. Is smorty running out of task? **winks**. Now time for my blogitive and I need some interem hehehhe

For cat lovers

We don’t have cat at home it is because my mother has asthma so not good to have one. Anyhow I am still posting this post; this is for all the cat lovers out there. I went through this site called This site has an array of animal supplies. Although we don’t have cat at home I checked what this site offers for cat and I am astonished for their available cat supplies . I didn’t know that there is a toy for cat, will I am not surprise because animal has the right to be happy like us.

All about insurances

My boyfriend sometimes talks about insurance that he is getting into no wonder if he has a life insurance. He always thinks and plan ahead of time. I don’t have any insurance or life insurance for that matter but maybe I can acquire a health insurance and accidental insurance as the barangay council demanded that we get those above mentioned insurance. Having insurance is a big help especially when one of our family member got an accident. Anyhow, if you are interested to get insurance you can get it at

Pocket watches at

Looking for a present for your husband, father, brother or uncle? Why not give them a good watch? They will always remember you whenever they need to check the time. As I am searching for watches I went through this site called and found out that they offers men’s watches and pocket watch. You can actually find cheap to expensive watch, from gold plated to gold watches. You can also find free shipping in some item. I am pretty sure the person who will receive this gift will be happy.


My eyes wants to take a rest now but I can't stop doing assigned task that I have on my dashboard today. But maybe I will take a nap after I post my next entry. whoahh... looking for money is not easy. I am honestly running out of words here. bwahhahaha.. How I hope boyfriend is online now so that he can help me with my task. Too bad he needs some rest today as he just arrived from Barcelona Spain. Huh, maybe later today, well see..

Police gear

Is your husband a cop? Do you know someone that is looking for a tactical gloves then, tell your friend to visit Your friend will see huge selection of gloves in affordable price. LA Police Gear also offer foot wear and boots, galco holsters, flashlight and many more. Visit their customer section to know on how to avail their free shipping.

Lot of task

Yay, I am getting some task today and I am not complaining I love it through must admit I am running out out of words. Anybody here to help me? just kidding.. a while a go I am writing some barangay stuff but when I got the electricity back I opt to leave what I am writing and checked if I have task waiting for me and viola I have some task on my triple P dashboard, blogitive and payu2blog. I really need to finish this task soon so that they will give me more. hahaha..

Black Friday shopping

Shopping during holiday season is really tiring, heavy traffic, long queue at the casher’s, and lot of people in the mall or department store. Often we end up impatient people and irritable salesladies. I remember my when I was having the Christmas shopping for my son, nephew and nieces last year I stumble upon a bad-tempered sales lady. I know she don’t want to be bad with me but with lot of customers to deal with her temper for the day is gone. Hehehe… Good thing we can do shopping in the comfort our home so we not need to be at the mall.

While searching the web I stumble upon this site called Black Friday. I know some of us here know about black friday , if not it is the day after thanks giving. During this day stores offers great discounts to attract huge number of shoppers. Through this site you can see black Friday ads and discount code from best buy,, office depot, and many more. You have actually lot of reason to visit the site and escape the hassle on shopping during holiday season.

Free Shipping On TV Stands

You can actually find an array of TV Stands avialable in the market. Although not all of them are made of good quality which is the first important thing to consider when choosing any stuff for our home. Are you planning to purchase a new TV stand? Then you must visit before any website or online stores. Through this online store you have a great choice of TV Stand that is stylish and unique. They offer a great deal to their customer with there FREE shipping without paying any penny for the tax. The site is not only offering TV stand they also offer Audio Video Towers and Racks, Speaker Stands, Plasma/LCD Wall Mounts and Speaker mounts. Shopping in this site is made easy as their customer can browse by brand. And since most of us loves to shop stuff on sale you can also get in on this online store. Visit now before its too late.

sharing.. my hapiness

hey friends.... fellow bloggers... lookie...lookie... on what I have below **winks** yay, triple P made me happy once again. This is the third time to be one of the top earner of the day. Pasensya na if I also post it here although I did post this photo in my other blog. Happy lang kasi ako.hehehhe...