Sunday, May 25, 2008

my niece

While doing my task I am carrying my niece Paulyn and opt to play my webcam with her. Here is the first shoot. Isn't cute? Nahhh.. lower you eye brow baby

Accident lawyer

Last night I able to watch the news on TV the anchor man was airing about an accident. The woman was seriously injured. Truly accidents can happen at anytime anywhere and most of us are often left helpless after a horrifying accident like what happened to this woman in the news. It pops in my mind if the family of this woman can handle tons of medical bills. If you stumble upon this situation then you need Omaha Accident Attorney Larry R. Demerath is the best lawyer in town in term of accident cases. He has been helping fellow Nebraskans to get what they need to support their recovery from serious injuries resulting from negligence for 35 years now.

A mess

that is what my Justin is doing right now he is making a mess, noises. Yay, he is really bothering me while I am doing tis post. I ask him to stop it and he headed to my uncle's house and when he back he has something for himself. A fried rice and a beef loaf. hehehe....

Home for medical supplies

For more than two years now I am gaining weight, I honestly gained more than 10 kilos and I want to take half of it. The dilemma of losing weight is that I can’t control what I am eating and I am lazy talking a walk or any exercise. Huh, seems that I need to have my own exercise and fitness equipment at home so that I will not need to go outside to take a walk or jog. Anyway while searching fitness equipment I bumped into this site called, which offers wide range of fitness equipment, medical supplies, maternity and baby supplies and many more. You can even get a chance to win a Nintendo Wii.

His back

Yes finally, he is back, my lalabs is back from his trip to Barcelona, Spain though his daughter and grandson is still there. After almost 2 weeks of not seeing him I finally see him on cam yesterday morning and last night and again after two hours. I really miss him during the days that he was off to Barcelona. Feels good seeing him, handsome as ever **wink** although I notice he had some tan and gain few pounds I think.

No answer

I mentioned in my previous post that my mother is in Cebu to attend a wedding which take place yesterday. I've been trying to call my cousin last night but she is not answering my calls. They might be sleeping when I called. I really hope my Nanay is having a great time in Cebu. They will be home tomorrow I think. Well, that is there plan and I don't know if they had some changes. hehehe...

Bedat & Co watches

Finding a gift is sometimes difficult especially if the person who will receive the present is really important you. If I will to give a gift to someone that is really dear to me I will for sure choice a gift that is noticeable and visible, something that is significant. And a watch is good choice for me. I am sure; the person who will receive this kind of present will always remember those treasured moment that you both shared together. I stumble upon this site that has good quality of watches. At has a wide range of bedat watches to choice from.

Superb isn’t? I search this in timepieces of This is worth $5,000 - $15,000 expensive I know but it’s worth the price. Bedat & Co has become a luminous reference point in the realm of luxury watchmaking. Known for a distinctively elegant style, exclusive craftsmanship, and impeccable attention to sublime detail, Bedat & Co timepieces reflect the priorities of Swiss excellence. The Bedat & Co official online store is currently limited to collectors in the United States, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. However, the concept will soon be expanded to include the whole of Europe, with Japan following later in the year. If anyone here is interested on the photo above you can visit the site and check their wide selection of bedat watches.

Happy weekend

myspace comments
Hello peepz.... Good morning. How is your week end? Hope all is fine, as of my my weekend is good I have bunch of task waiting for me. Good thing I am done with my first bunch of task yesterday now I need to start the second bunch of task and this time I need some interim. **winks** I better go now and start working.