Friday, June 20, 2008

Put your old photo into canvass

I wanted to have a family photo at home. I always desire to have it whenever I see a family photo in my friend’s house. The last photo I saw that I really admire is the photograph of my friend taken when she was one year old. The photograph is 28 years now and yet is still beautiful. So I ask my friend where she took that photo. It was a gift from her grand mother and the photograph is now in canvass. No wonder it is still beautiful like it is a new photo. Right then it came across into my mind that a canvass would be great, and I want to have a family canvass of my family which I can put as a wall art in our living room. As soon as I get home I immediately open my computer and search fro a site that transfer old photographs to canvass and I came across to this link They site can transfer photograph from your cell phone or from your old photograph that you want to restore in a canvass.

As I browse through the site I’ve learn that they can make a personalized gift for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, christening and birthdays. I am sure the person who will receive a personalize present will be very glad. I have also learned that they use today’s technology to restore photographs of the olden days to a pristine condition and even make it better that the original photo. Once they are done with the restoration work they will print it onto the right medium and let it show to the very best. All you need to do it dig out your old family photographs and let the team of learn to dream see what they can do to rescue your old photo. You don’t need to worry because consultation is free of charges. So what are you waiting for send the picture you want to put in canvass by email, post or the easiest of all if using the online form of Learn To Dream.

Windy outside

Yesterday afternoon the PAGASA announce that Leyte and Samar is signal Number 1 and the rest of Eastern Visayas. It's been raining the whole night and sometimes the wind blows. I only wish Frank (the name of the typhoon) will not leave any damage as like what happened to the previous typhoon.


Good night friends and fellow blogger. Just logout from my yahoo messenger I was chatting to Lalabs for more than three hours. I am really sleepy but I want to post the last opps that I grabbed from triple P. Opps rains in triple p but I don't have time grabbing because I was busy chatting to lalabs. I am thankful enough because I able to grab 2 for this night. And hopefully i can still grab tomorrow.