Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alive and kicking

Whoot… finally I am back to the blogging world. I was not here yesterday and earlier today. It was indeed a boring day for me; I won’t call it a day without being online. Anyway we had a typhoon yesterday in fact I have known it since Thursday afternoon Leyte was declared signal No.1 by PAGASA but I thought yesterday the typhoon escape from the Philippines responsibility as the weather seems to be okay although it was raining. But to my surprised when I woke up from a nap the wind is blowing strong. Luckily we the typhoon did not leave a big chaos in my place unlike to some other places. Praise God….

On the other hand I am happy that the electricity is back at 5.30 pm. I was praying to have it back because I missed my lalabs and blogging. And upppssss my phone was empty bat. So when I knew that the electricity is back I immediately charge my phone and open my pc and viola got offlines from my lalabs and 2 task waiting for me from payu2blog but I got one task that expired in blogitive. Huh… anyway I was chatting to my lalabs a while ago but yahoo is messing us again. He got dc and can’t connect back again. Hay.. it pisses me whenever it happened to me. He phoned me and we agreed to wait him for 10 minutes but if he not back I will go to bed instead of waiting for him and just see him again tomorrow morning.