Monday, June 23, 2008

My sweet demanding son

Last night I was putting shoe polish in my son, nephew and niece show when my son came and demand I also put shoe polish on his rubber shoes. He cried when I told him it's not possible and now he is demanding i buy him a black shoes like his Kuya Lyndon. Anyway I am planning to buy him next week. Below is my son's pic taken on my cam this morning when he was about to leave to attend his class. smile na pilit **toinks** Ano sa tingin nyo? cute nya ano? walang kokontra hehehe....

A site for rap lovers

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Too hot...

it is, the Mr. Sunshine is not really showing but it is too hot today. I wonder if it is because of the past typhoon. If you could only see me now I am sweating big time. Triple P seems to be good to me I able to grab 2 opps for this blog na and I want to grab the opportunity that is avialable. Although I want to take my bath now I can't simply get in front of my pc and let those opps escape. Hahhhh.... not this time... i need some money.........hehehehehe...

Luminox watch anyone?

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Too busy

Yay, as much as I want to blog hop today but I am too busy to do that now but maybe I will later today when I get back online. My grandmother ask me a favor to check her GSIS e-card cos she haven't receive her monthly pension last month. So I will go downtown later today to check if she got it on her e-card. Got to go now and post the task I luckily grab.


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