Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bar stools at

I my Aunt renovated their house when they opt to stay here in the Philippines for good. Before the renovation I can say that the inside of their house is really simple but after the renovation I am amaze of the out come. They now have a bar counter though I haven’t seen any Bar Stools in it but it really looks great. My Aunt told me that her husband is planning to have a bar stool any time soon. But, my Aunt told me that her hubby once go home complaining because he has having difficulty on what kind of bar tool he will purchase.

I am pretty sure the husband of my Aunt will be happy if I will tell him about this site called At Quality Barstools he can find various types of bar stools from top manufacturer of the nation at discounted price. The huge selections of bar stools are wood bar stools, metal bar stools, aluminum bar stools, contemporary barstools, indoor and outdoor barstools, wood metal combo barstools and build your own barstools. You can customize your bar stools by choosing your fabric options and metal finish options. Furthermore they also offers free shipping in the Continental of United States on all orders over $500.00 via FedEx and UPS. So if you are looking for commercial and residential bar stools visit the the link for more information.

I am back finally

Yes after of being absent online I am now back for good. My pc at home is now working thanks Roy my computer technician. The first thing I did is check and complete my pending tasks. Then after completing my pending task I check my inbox and to my surprised I've got 600 messages that I need to delete. Argh... I will for sure need time to delete those messages. I go and start checking my messages.

Disney fine art exhibit

Are you fanatic of Disney characters? If so, this is your chance to grab one of your favorite characters on canvass. Ogden, Utah proudly presents “The Magic of Disney Fine Art Exhibition” in live performance presentation which will be held on September 20, 2008 at 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Some artist will be featured like Trevor Carlton, Tricia Buchanan-Bensen, James Coleman, Mike Kupka, Harrison Ellenshaw and Peter Ellenshaw, among others. This exhibit showcase over 30 of your favorite Disney classic film such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse and many more. Over 300 limited edition of Disney fine art Giclee's on canvases available. If you are keen to know more about this exhibit visit the site for more information.

Lingerie, anyone?

My boyfriend sometimes asks me to wear sexy lingerie during out chat. When he first asks me to do that he was laughing when I told him that I don’t wear lingerie and that I don’t own any. What is done is I bought 2 pairs of sexy lingerie and surprised him on during his b-day. Since I am gaining weights I need to buy new lingerie that I will wear when he finally arrive. I’ve been searching the net on where to purchased a plus size lingerie that is cheap but good quality.