Friday, July 4, 2008

Off for dinner

I've been online for almost 3 hours now, its time for me to eat my dinner and take a nap. I will be back later today and hopefully I will be right on time in triple P's giving of opps. So bye for now and back later today.

Leading beauty school

Are you planning to start up your own salon? Well, you need to know that putting a salon is not that easy you need to know the important details about cosmetology. Then maybe it is right that you enroll in one of the best school that teaches cosmetology. In fact there are many cosmetology schools in the market today but you can only trust few of them. One of them is the leading beauty school in United States. This beauty school was founded more than 50 years now with 30 campuses across the country and soon they will open three more campuses. So if you or anyone is planning to put up your own beauty salon or want to make cosmetology as a profession do visit the site for more information.

Rapidly increasing

Yay... I am watching the news while I am doing my task online. And I am a bit pissed knowing that the gasoline will increase later today. Last time I bought our gas it was 700 pesos I wonder how much it will be next time. They say gasoline will increase weekly? ohhh my god everything is increasing and hopefully all will be well soon as the poor are having more difficulties in their daily lives.


I am done with my task from Payu2blog for this blog I only have 3 more task to go that is assigned to my domain. I am running out of words to right but I've learned my lesson for not doing my assignments right away. Last month I have some task that expired because I run out time as not that I did not like to do it but it is because I lost electricity for few days and when I got the electricity back my pc's needs to be repair.

I want a cam

I want to have my own digital camera and I know I will have one in time. Right now I have some important things to buy than buying digital camera. Though I don’t have any plan in buying a cam for self I still surf in the net on where to buy Canon Powershot camera that is cheap. I found best buy of digital elph camera at and they have number of item that is free of charge in shipping.

Personalized children books

Uppsss…. I know it’s early to rants about Christmas but we all know time flies really fast. I know everybody will agree that during Christmas we sometimes run out of ideas on what to give to our love ones and godchildren. Last Christmas I really had hard time thinking on what gift to give to my godchildren. This year I want my gift to be unique and personalized gift is really cool. At they make customized stuff like children's books, songs, DVD’s. I will for sure join their club and buy some book for my son.

Safe water

I always worry when rain is pouring for few days in my place because the water that comes out in our faucet is unclear. That is why whenever this situation occurs I always end up buying purified water. It sometimes crosses in my mind to buy water purifiers, thus I not need to buy purified water when rain keeps pouring for few days. Anyways I stumbled upon this site, they have water purifiers and filters. In this site you c an also compare and check the reviews to make sure you are buying the right one.

Am I sick?

I am not sure if I am sick because of my runny nose if it is my migraine that is hitting me again. I do have lot of task to do from payu2blog. Hmmm... I am loving this site really, since I started blogging them they have been good to me. I sometimes run out of words to say when I am doing my task for them. How I wish I am fluent in English so I will not have difficulty in my talks.

Planning a Vacation?

Everyday life can become chaotic at times specially at work. The best way to get rid of the stress from work is spoiling our self to some luxurious and isolated resort. There are actually plenty of tremendous vacation destinations to choose from. But if I am given a chance to take a fabulous vacation I would like to visit negril jamaica, the island has a lot to offer that I find it interesting. You will definitely enjoy the eye-catching beaches and affordable high quality accommodations.

At you will find all inclusive resorts and adult vacations deals. As I go through the web site I wonder what Hedonism Resort can offer. Moreover when I read that this year’s Men of Hedonism calendar finalist are selected. I am sure this event is breath taking seeing those sexy men on stage. Hehehhe…If you want to have a different vacation experience this resort is worth visiting. So what are you looking for visit the site to know more about what this site can offer?

I want a vacation

I really want to take a vacation this time but sad to say it is very impossible for me this time. I do have many reasons as to why I can’t give my self a break and I am keeping those reasons to my self. Anyway this post is to all the lovers who want to have a vacation. I never thought that are travel agency who offer adult vacations. That is one of the offers of Super Club Super-Inclusive Resort.Negril, Jamaica is a good location to visit for me. The island has lot to offer like horse back riding, deep sea fishing, water rafting, parasailing, mountain biking and many more. In the site you will also see photos of all inclusive resorts available in the island. I can say that this island is a good choice for honeymooner’s couple.

So to have a wonderful and memorable vacation with you love one visit for booking and inquiries.


Good morning everybody I woke up at 4:15 in the morning. It is actually to early for me to wake up but I wanted to chase triple P's opps. But OLLAAA.LAA... I already got 12 opps in gray colors. I wonder what time they giving away the opps. Its been a while since I came on time. Anyway I got 2 opps from loadlunch but the problem is I not know how to do it. I will again try to submit a post with them and I hope this time I can do it. ADJA..... for me

Tekscout Innovation

Are having a hard time thing and planning to what kind of strategy to develop your product into the market? Do you want to know what to do to empress your customers? Worry no more because there us a company that will help you with this woe. Do you know that there is companies that will help you solve all those complex problems that will come your way as business owner? One of them is TekScout, an Open Innovation Network who comes to offer expert advices and professional help. If you are keen to know more about these innovations don’t hesitate to visit the site for more information. Uppss and before I end this post I just want to add more info. TekScout challenges are focused in the disciplines of Life Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Design, Math and Computer Science, and Alternative Energy and Sustainable Products.