Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got another task

Wow I have another 4 task from payu2blog. Thanks payU for giving some opps this weeks. I am done with the task assign for this blog. I might do the 2 more task that is assign to my other blogs coz it is time for me to chat lalabs.

Top diet pill

We all know that there are many kinds of diet pills in the market now a days. But how sure we are that we are choosing the right one? Well, worry no more because there is a site that listed top diet pill that you may interested in. The review is done by their web site visitors and customers feedback left by their real consumers. If anyone here is planning to take some diet pill, be sure to choice the right diet pill for you to avoid getting into serious illness.

Diet pills, anyone?

You guys have been hearing me ranting a lot because of my weights. I was to start exercising with my gay cousin but now it is not possible. Recently I was diagnosed to have asthma so exercise might not good for me. I might consider checking some diet pills that is okay for my health. I go now and check they have listed top 10 diet pills in the market.

Question of the Week 23

  1. List your 2 fave site or blog/s and link us up! Tell us why! Cherryblossoms is where i met my lalabs and friendster I meet new friends
  2. List two bad habits that you have. Now tell me which one you would be willing to give up first. Staying late
  3. What spice or seasoning is your favorite? Which one can you add to anything and make it taste better? Magic sarap
  4. What is your birthstone? Do you like it? Or you want to change it? Acquamarine, yes i like it and i wont change it.
  5. Do you know what’s your name means? What? I dont know but its a German name
  6. What color polish do you most often wear? Or do you wear one? I like to wear light colors
  7. Think about this for a second - When you fasten your pants do you button first of zip first? button
  8. Which do you prefer, someone snoring right next to you on a plane or a baby crying right next to you on a plane too? snoring
  9. Which would you prefer, made to eat bugs or drink sour milk? Why? huh, i dont think I can eat bugs nor drink sour milk hehehhe...
  10. Which is worse, your roommate eating all the food or wearing your clothes? a board mate that is wearing my clothes.

Have fun!!! here