Friday, July 11, 2008


I always feel bad when my son is sick. He has been having a fever since yesterday. And this morning he always call me to give him a hug because he said he is low bat and need to be charge with my hug. hehehe...So son get well soon.. mama loves you so much..

Home improvement

Home improvement is what I want in our house. Though I know I can’t do it any time soon because I need to save some money for this. I am starting to search what stuff I will buy when I already got the money I need. Anyways if anyone here want or planning to take home improvement you should visit The blog has helpful post that will give some idea on what to acquire best. So go and get started now.


Wow... this good.... Review Me is really good to me. I had 3 task from this this week. It's been a decade since I last posted my last post from them. Though it is not a high payout this time because the higher payout whom I reserved few weeks ago expired cos I don't have electricity. I really thought they will not give any task to me again cos I was not able to do that task. Anyways what can I say but... THANKS.... REVIEW ME...

Funny t shirt

Who don’t love shopping? I am pretty sure we all want to go shopping, they say shopping is girls best friend. I always enjoy whenever I do Christmas shopping for this is the only time I am allowed to spend too much. Hehehehe.. But shopping this time of the year is very stressful and tiring so this year I considering to shop online. Yay, shopping online can be too addicting too. My first stuff purchased online is Victoria Secret and this time I am craving to shop for Havaianas. I am also searching present that I will give to my family.

I want a unique gift so I opt to search online and I bump this Vintage T-shirt Store. Wow… I really like the item they are selling. They have funny t shirts, family t shirt, baby t shirt and many more. For me I want to purchase the funny T shirt for my sister. I only need to pick the funny imagine I like and choice the color and viola I can order it at So if anyone here wants to escape the stress of being in a long queue why not try shopping online. I am sure you will enjoy checking the stuff like I do when I first tried it.