Thursday, July 24, 2008

Annoying internet connection

My connection is getting crazy again. I always get dc every now and then I’ve been trying to call the customer care of my internet provider but to no avail no one is picking the phone. Hay… I guess my connection needs to be refresh because of moving my pc and I need to turn off and unplug my modem whenever I need to move my pc. Hopefully my connection will be nice to me when triple P starts to shower some opps to the blogger. Hmm.. keeping my finger cross.

Drug reference guide for physicians

Do you know that there is an iphone that a physician must have? Clinicians will have an immediate access to important information that can guide them in their prescribing decisions, like side effects, drug dosing and even health plan coverage. The drug reference guide can be loaded in various devices such as Pocket PC, Palm, Windows Mobile, and the one launched recently, for Blackberry devices. This will also help the patients because they don’t need to visit their doctor just to ask for prescription because the patients can browse all the information using their iphone. To know more about this advance technology checks out

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

I'm a sensitive kisser

You Are a Sensitive Kisser
For you, kissing is a way to connect And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy It may take you a while to kiss someone... But when you do, it's total fireworks
Wow... i am a sensitive kisser?????? Yes i can be a sensitive kisser sometimes i want my kiss to be slow and yet last forever. How about you do you know what kind of kisser are you? If not why not try this quiz.

Moving my pc

I have been moving my pc from one place to another place. Right now I am here in my room but tomorrow I will move my pc again back to the living because they are done with the finishing in the living. So tomorrow they will start the finishing here in my room and hopefully all is done this week so I can move the pc back in my room for good. Then I and lalabs will have privacy whenever we chat because sometimes when we’re chatting my sibling will watch cartoons on TV and some kids will come inside. Good thing some of this kids are my cousin.hehehe.....

Baseball gear

Lot of people nowadays choice to shop online, when shopping online you don’t need to visit one store to another store in case the product you are looking is not available in the first store. Its hassle free and you can also find great deals of many products everyday. With today’s oil price hike and some other basic commodities it is a must that we buy products that is not expensive but quality wise. And speaking of shopping online anyone here is planning to shop baseball accessories like Baseball Gloves, pitchbacks, baseballs, portable soccer goals or soccer net there is an online store that is worth visiting. is what I am talking about. They are committed to provide each and every customer with a superior online shopping experience. The site markets sporting goods item that are geared to training kids ages 6 and up. Their brand of choice is Franklin Sports, a company that has been in the business for over 50 years and offers great quality at a very affordable prize. They also have gift ideas for you nephews and nieces. I am sure you will astonish when you browse all of their item. So what are you waiting for visit the link above and start shopping.

Kind of pissed?

What wrong with me? Right now it seems that I am a bit pissed and I really don’t know the reason why. Could it be my hormones? Hay…. Whatever…. Hopefully I will be more okay when I start chatting to my lalabs soon. We have been having a nice chat for few days now. Although we haven’t had any arguments for few weeks now this fast few days is one of our memorable chats.

Rare coins at

Do you know of someone who collects coins? I know of someone who collects coins from ordinary coins to rare coins. I was astonished when she shows us her coin collection for the first time. I am pretty sure that she invests lot of money buying rare coins to add to her collection. Surely she will earn lot of money when she sells her collection in the future. And I know this friend of mine will be happy if she can add new coin to her collection. That is why I am planning to call her later today and tell her about Monaco Rare Coin. This company is part of the Monex family companies and serving the people for over 40 years now. So if you are thinking to invest your money or you want to add rare coin to your coin collection don’t look any further visit and check what they can offer.

Thursday again

Good morning everybody. It's Thursday once again weekend is fast approaching. I wake up very early today as i have many things to do today. Hopefully I can grab few opps before I sign off because i will be back online again at 5 pm. So i am begging triple p to shower me with some opps it will be appreciated i promise.