Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raining hard

I was sleeping when i heard some noise only to find out the rain is pouring mad into our roof. I even don't hear the sound of the television which my brother is watching. Ohh boy.... I only hope i will not loss electric power for I will be chatting to my lalabs later today.

Chat software for your online business

I am sure some of my followers knew that I have been ranting about my internet connection many times this month. What is more annoying is when I try to call the customer care of my internet provider no one is picking the phone. I hate it when they do that. Sometimes when a customer representative answers my call they will ask me to stay in the line and mind you need to wait for about 10-15 minutes. Isn’t irritating? When this happen I sometimes wish they have another way of contact them like chatting. With this their caller will not be bored waiting and holding the phone for long.

If you own an online store or any business that have a website you should consider having a great customer service for your client. This way they will have a reason to keep coming to your site. Anyway why don’t you try visiting, this site offers chat software that will allow customer service rep to communicate via chat with any customer. It also has tracking to allow you to see every visitor real time and run reports on how they got to your site, what keywords they used, was it organic or paid and how long on each page.for more information about this software visit