Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions of the Week 25

  1. Your true happiness? My family
  2. Which is more embarrassing to you? Walking with toilet paper on your shoe or with your pants unzipped? Pants unzipped, hmm... what is i am wearing a g-string? hehehe..
  3. Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all? Gossip a little if fine with me
  4. Would you rather find one million dollars or find true love? one million dollar as i found my true love na
  5. Which is worse? Foot odor or armpit odor? huh lemme think... both...
  6. Who would you want to meet? Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, or Bugs Bunny? Why? all of the above because i haven't meet any of them..pity me.
  7. Would you rather have wheels or wings? Wings, so i can fly anywhere i want.
  8. How do you feel about haunted houses? Would you visit one? Scary, yes i would love to visit one just for the fun of it. heheehe.. takutin ba ang sarili
  9. Which would be worse? Bleeding to death or starving to death? starving to death
  10. Which is worse? Stepping in a dog poo or sitting in gum? Stepping a dog poo...

Have fun and enjoy!!!

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