Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow blog awars seems to pour for me this past few days I got this award from Ma'am Imelda thank you very much for this award I really appreciate it.

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I am now passing this BFF Gold Card to the following Raptured Dreams, Jhenn, Joy, Emmyrose and Francine

Vintage t shirt

It’s the first day of August and next month its September boy the Christmas is just around the corner then. Last year I had difficulty on finding present for my family and for our exchange gift. This year I want to spare myself on being at the same shoes as last year. So as early as now I want to prepare for the holiday season. On my searching I stumble upon this site that offers customs printed T shirts. Well actually they offer a bunch of choice from funny t shirt, vintage t shirts, band t shirts, political t shirts, holiday t shirt and a lot more.

I am astonished when i start browsing the site for they really have hundreds of designs to choice from. And while browsing their designs i found this design and i remember my friends. I am pretty sure they will love to have this kind of t shirt. Honestly i also want to have this shirt. hehehe...

My son and nephew loves superman and i know they will be happy having this design printed on their t shirt. So if you are looking for a great and unique present this Christmas visit You can also make your own design if you wish. To know more what this site offer visit the link above and start shopping for this holiday season.

missed bigger payout

While doing the 300 word task that i able to reserve before i lost electric connection while chatting to lalabs i missed good payout opps with 200 and 100 words. If i only waited for another opps i should not be doing the 300 words. I only hope i can still grab some opps as i did not grab any for few days now.

Want to loss weight?

I know I’ve been ranting about my weights in my previous post. How I wish I will have my body figure before I give birth to my son more than three years ago. Since then I gained almost ten kilos. And my goal this year is to loss 7 kilos so I will have a good body figure but problem is my boyfriend wants me to have this body. He will always say I am not fat whenever I rant how heavy I am today. Anyway I am still lucky because I am obese. I know obesity is one common problem encounter by some people around the globe and I think my cousin is a candidate for obesity. He is only 16 years old and he is too heavy for his age. He is actually a lot bigger compare to his dad.

I once told my cousin to walk with me every morning but boy he is not a type of person who will wake up early and have a walk. Maybe because he is young and he is not really aware that being too fat is bad for his health. If I and my cousin continue to gain weight although we try to have a diet maybe it’s the right time to take diet pills. There are hundreds or even thousands diet pills available in the market nowadays. We all know that sometimes taking pills that has bad quality can be harmful to our body so for us to be safe we should be careful. One more thing to consider to check how effective the diet pill we are taking and of course how much it will cost us.

Anyway worry no more because reviewed top 10 Best Diet Pills in the market according to value, safety, weight loss power, ingredient quality, benefits, customer feedback and company reputation. You can also choice which diet pill that is okay to your budget. So if anyone here is planning to buy or to loss weight by talking diet pills don’t look ant further visit

Thanks PPP

For few days i haven't grab any opps from triple P to the extent the i will end up zero this week. But i am happy because i able to grab this morning. Hopefully more later today as i really need to some bucks. As i mentioned before i am using my earning in putting finishing to our house. So i guess this is for today and i well try to grab some more.

Country music online

Are you kind of person that loves music to precise Country Music? Do you know that you can find Country Music Lyrics online? Yes at you will have bunch of country music performer that you will love listening. So what are you waiting for visit the site and start listening to your favorite country music.