Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks you

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I bagged the second place to win the customize layout a contest that is hosted by Dashing Smile but unfortunately i was not able to win the layout. hehehe.. Thanks for all the support I really appreciate it. Again i am asking for you holy vote **winks** and i hope this time i will win. hehehe.. please visit Dashing Smile or check out the sidebar for the voting poll. Thanks in advance.

Needs to diet

I know I am gaining weights and its time for me to have a serious diet. Problem is I am lazy to exercise. Having exercise will not help me for sure so I will try the other way of loosing weight. Taking diet pills is on the list but I need to be careful in choosing which diet pill to take. With hundreds or even thousands of diet pills in the market nowadays I not know which one is effective and good quality. Good thing I bump into this site, they have listed top diet pills that is available in the market and that is base on the reviews. So now I can start my diet without any worry because I know I will have a good choice. What about you? Do you need serious dieting? Then visit the site too.

Flat track motor cyle race

Last Saturday i managed to watched the 3rd Tanauan flat track motor cycle race. There are 30 riders from other places. My cousin is one of the rider of my town Tanauan. Honestly i am trembling when the race started and my cousin is in for the first race first elimination and he got the first place. It was a good race indeed no incedent happed during the fist elimination rounds and after this they had a lunch break. When we get back its the 2nd elimination and my cousin is on the second race and then again i had this trembling stuff maybe cos i am afraid of my cousin. but unfurtunately something happened with the motorcycle and he did not make it to the second elimination but thanks God heis fine. At the semi final round the race was getting hot and so some incident happened one rider is brought to hospital. When i saw the depending champion i was surprised because he looks so young but its not his lucky day because a rider from my town got the first place. it was a good 8 lap race. breath taking indeed but i was nervous for the riders because everybody wants to be the champion. i've been searching for a video to post here..