Friday, August 22, 2008

Doll houses for my nieces

I remember when I was a kid I haven’t had my own baby doll. But instead me and my friends would make a paper doll and paper dress. Honestly we never had anything that we want when we as a kid as I am not from a well-off family. And guess this is the reason why I shower my son, nephew and nieces with clothes and toy. I and my boyfriend make it sure that they will have new clothes and toys every Christmas. So as early as now I am trying to browse on the web what present to give them on this coming Christmas. For the girls I want them to have a dollhouses and for the boys I am still searching for a good one and I am sure I will not have difficulty on searching for has a lot of affordable toys to choice from.

Got my new modem

Yahoo.... it's time for me to celebrate... well.. it's not my birthday nor my son's birthday or my boyfriend's birthday. This morning the technicians of bayandsl was here this morning and finally after calling 181 for like 10 times for more than one week. Now i not need to worry about my internet connection as of this morning i haven't encounter any problem yet. So i go now and do my task for payU.

Shop with big discount

It’s 22nd of August and I know it’s too early to blog about Christmas shopping. However, with the present economy problem we really need to be wise in spending our money specially on shopping. And for me shopping online is a good idea to save some bucks as you will have an ample choice of best buy online. Luckily to those who can avail of Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is the days after thanks giving. This is the day where shoppers can avail of big big discounts in everything. Good thing there is an online site which helps to those non US residences to avail of this discount. All you have to do is visit and viola you can now start shopping.

I already searched the site and I found nice toys at toys r us and clothes for my son, nephew, nieces and god children. I even found stuff for my mother, brother and sister. So what are you waiting for visit the site and check out their thanksgiving flyer before its too late.