Tuesday, August 26, 2008


that is what i am feeling right now. I feel too tired maybe i am luck of sleep. My arms are hurting since yesterday and my boyfriend said it's cos i am staying in front of my pc for many hours. addict daw ako sa I must admit he is a right this ecard thingy made me sit in front of my pc longer than usual and my arms is getting bad. Right now i am very sleepy but i can't sleep because i will be chatting to lalabs soon. Maybe i will after our chat. That is if i will not be dropping ecard. lol.

Safety first

I studied my high school in a trade school. I remember when we need to cut stuff for our project sometime we uses the proper tool that is why we end up cutting our hands. Thanks to our dear classmate who bring her father safety cutter from then on we were cut free until we are done with out project.

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My cousin got an acne

I never thought that being stress and eating fatty stuff can trigger acne. My cousin has been dealing with this for more than a week now and I ask her why she got that acne because she was acne free when I saw her last time. And boy… I was surprised when she told me that she was stress for almost 2 weeks now because of her relationship to her husband and when she is depressed she tends to eat a lot. Huh, now this cousin of mine is hunting for an acne cure.