Sunday, August 31, 2008

Open for link exchange

Finally... my new blog is now open for link ex-change. I have been waiting for this, I started this blog last month pa but I wanted it to have its own domain and a customized layout. I would like o take this opportunity to thanks the owner of Dashing Smile website for hosting a win layout contest and I also want to thank Ma'am Body of My Overview for paying the domain for me. hehehe... Anyway please do visit my new blog and let me know if you want a link ex-change. click the url below.

Pop up TV at

One of my wish is to acquire plasma TV and I know I need to work hard for me to realize this dream but for now I will be happy wit our flat screen 25 inches JVC TV. But I know there are lot of people here who has a plasma TV and is looking for a nice pop up tv that is designed to provide better performance of your home entertainment. At you will find a wide selection of plasma lift that will match your furniture. To know more about this online store that visit the link above for more information.