Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I can't login to my account myspace graphic comments
Yay, I not know what is wrong with entre card i have been trying to access my entre card account but i can not log in. I already contacted entre card with this matter and i hope i will have a solution with this problem. Did anyone here encounter the same problem? I will appreciate any comments here. To all my entre card dropper i am sorry if i can't visit your site today i promise to make it up as soon as i can access my account.

A perfect place for wedding and vacation

Vacation is what I am dreaming of and I am for sure lot of people wants to have a vacation. Though I know I need to work hard in blogging to save bunch of money to spend for a luxurious vacation with my son. Anyway if you are one of those who are planning to take a vacation there is a place that is worth visiting. In fact this place is also ideal for travelers who have a tight budget because this site offers discount vacation packages that you can select.

In fact this place is not only ideal for travelers but also to those who are planning to take their vow or planning to renew their vow. So if you know someone that is looking for a destination weddings it is a must to check You will be amaze of their honeymoon all inclusive resort offer. Keen to know more about the resort I am talking about? Then visit any of the link I’ve provided.

New layout

Woot.... finally i will have a new layout for this blog. I asked someone to make it for me for a reasonable price. I now excited to see to the screen shoot of the layout, hopefully i will in 3-4 days from now. I have been thinking to change this old layout by my self but i dont have the right software to make for the header.

Small fishes

woott... this blog has again reach the minimum task for the day at triple p. It's been a month since i able to grab the minimum task and i am happy that i did it today although i only grab small fishes. A $5 with 50 words is not bad and better than nothing. I had reserve one task and i will put it on my other blog. Thanks triple p for this great opportunity.

My top entre card dropper

thank_you Myspace Comments
here is the list of my top 10 entre card droppers for the month of August. To all of you guys thank you for all the dropped. And to my other entre card droppers keep coming back and who know next month you will be one of the top droppers.