Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy weekend

Yay, I should be posting this post the other day pa but I was hit by the laziness syndrome my brain is stuck that I can not think of a good topic. silly me huh? However I am always sitting in front of my pc doing the ec round. I can say that I am hooked with this entrecard thingy. I haven't reach the 300 minimum drop of the day on any of my 3 blogs that is listed in entrecard I hope i will later today. Upps.. before I forget, I am sure some of my blogger friend and visitors would love my new layout. No doubt cos I fall in love with it when i first saw it. And I will give the credit to Tchel although I choice the kit that is used in header still I salute this girl. How I wish I can do like this in the future. Huh, i am not loosing hope boy cos I know someday I well. hahahaha.. If anyone here would like to have a customized layout you can contact Tchel by clicking the link above. Happy weekend to every one!!!!!