Saturday, September 6, 2008

Will Bugoy make it the first?

Yay, i am getting excited for tonight. I will for sure watch the PDA season 2 final/grand gala on Saturday. Though I was not able to follow the show every night i make it to the point to watch the gala performance. I am not a good singer, will in fact I can't sing. lol.. but I like Bugoy. He is not a typical guy who join reality show. I mean when it comes to looks he really don't have that but with his voice, boy.. i can't say anything i just love it. lol I remember what Derik Joey says, malaki ang dapat ayusin sa hitsurA ni Bugoy in fact he needs a major make over. lol.. but heck i still love this guy, he is my first choice to win the price. Jay Bogayan - "The Farmer’s Son". A 17 years old from Camarines Sur. Bugoy enhance his singing everyday while doing his chores inside the school canteen. This guy also quoted that he likes to sing with the carabaos and grasses while doing his farm works.