Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christmas is in the air

Wow.. Christmas is in the air. While typing this post in my room my mother is watching TV though I can't see what's on TV, I can hear the television sounds. And so i heard the kids singing Christmas song.'Twas a great feeling. Whenever i heard Christmas song I can always feel the childish in my. Well, Christmas is my favorite season so no wonder it tickles me when i heard Christmas song. I am sure I am not alone in this, there are a lot of people who loves Christmas. huh, am I obvious that i am looking forward for this big day? lol

Contaminated milk

China strikes again. It was over the news the other day that there are thousand of babies was brought to hospital and four who died after drinking the power contaminated milk. It was found out that the said milk powder contain melamine, an element which is use to make plastic. The babies were diagnosed to have an "acute kidney failure". It seems that China has becoming careless. Few months ago it was discover that some of the toys that is manufactured but this country contain poisonous element. As a mother, I always make it a point to buy products that is safe for my son. But to be more careful I don’t buy product that is manufactured by China. Not that I not like there product but after numerous poison incidents I need to be careful. So all the mother out there beware of the product from China.